Hunt Snows combines ease of use and powerful features to create the ultimate must-have free snow goose e-caller app. Play authentic snow goose sounds with an easy-to-use interface for quick track selection and volume adjustments in the field.

Includes 2 free tracks only available in the app! Access many more tracks and advanced sound features in the Pro Shop.

System Requirements: iOS 8+; Android 7.1+

Hunt Snows is a revolutionary snow goose hunting app designed and built specifically for snow goose hunters by Snows Down Low – the clear choice for quality snow goose audio. Hunt Snows leverages technology to provide access to some of the best snow goose e-caller tracks available, all in the convenience of an easy-to-use app.

Hunt Snows features an intuitive e-caller interface for easy track selection and fine-tuned volume adjustments in the field, as well as a Pro Shop to access the entire Snows Down Low e-caller sound library and the incredible E-Caller Pro upgrade which unlocks advanced sound adjustments in DualPlayer and FlockFader, plus exclusive PRO e-caller tracks not available anywhere else.


  • Developed by Snows Down Low – the clear choice for quality snow goose audio.
  • Includes two free authentic snow goose e-caller tracks from Snows Down Low, with the same clarity and quality you expect from Snows Down Low.
  • Easy-to-use E-Caller interface with large buttons to control volume, a large volume level indicator, and easily play/pause the current track.
  • E-Caller tracks loop infinitely and perfectly. You’ll never need to restart a track again!
  • Bluetooth compatible. E-Caller will play from your Bluetooth device to your Bluetooth receivers, speakers, amplifiers, or e-callers.
  • Access the playlist to select from the included free tracks and any purchased tracks or track bundles.
  • Current track name and album is displayed so you know exactly which track is working for you on successful hunt.
  • Offline functionality – no Internet connection is required to use the app. Internet is only required for initial download and accessing additional content through in-app purchases.
  • Background Mode – Continue to play the e-caller in the background while using other apps.
  • Visit the Pro Shop for access to the library of proven effective snow goose sounds from Snows Down Low, and the E-Caller Pro upgrade to unlock exclusive tracks and advanced sound control features within the E-Caller!


Snow Goose E-Caller Tracks:

Snows Down Low “Volume 1” (2015)
  • 01 Ground Work
  • 02 Tornado Warning
  • 03 Feeding Frenzy
  • 04 Snow Talk
  • 05 Kryptonite Mix
Snows Down Low “Barking Orders” (2018)
  • 01 Dueling Devils
  • 02 Ross Boss
  • 03 O.B.D. (Obsessive Barking Disorder)
  • 04 X-Factor
  • 05 Snowasis

E-CALLER PRO App Upgrade

Add new capabilities to your electronic call with the E-Caller Pro upgrade! E-Caller Pro adds DualPlayer with another e-caller player, and FlockFader’s advanced sound adjustments allowing you to create the ultimate sound mix to always have perfect sound no matter where or how you’re hunting.

  • Compatible with most electronic calls!
  • DualPlayer: Play and mix two tracks together with independent volume controls.
  • Exclusive PRO Tracks: Unique e-caller tracks only available with the E-Caller Pro upgrade, and never available anywhere else!
  • FlockFader: Set tracks to play from only the left or right speakers, a mix of both, or put sound into motion with sounds moving from left to right automatically based on your settings! (FlockFader requires your electronic call to have 2 or more audio output channels for pan and motion effects to work properly.)

System Requirements

iOS: Supports iPod or iPhone with minimum iOS 8

Android: Supports a variety of devices with minimum Android 7.1

Your electronic call must be able to accept audio input from your phone or device. We recommend connecting your device to your electronic call via an 3.5mm (headphone/”aux”) audio input cable for optimal performance. However, your system may vary and you may need to connect through other methods such as Bluetooth. If you have any questions about connecting your device to your e-caller please contact us. We would be glad to help!

App Feedback and Suggestions

We’ve been hard at work developing the ultimate snow goose calling/hunting app built specifically for snow goose hunters. While we have a lot of ideas in the works, we’d like to hear your ideas to help us prioritize future development and build the features you need into the app.


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