OVERKILL HD Electronic Snow Goose Call


The Snows Down Low OVERKILL HD E-Caller offers some of the best features available of any electronic snow goose call on the market today, all at a great value. Available in 2 or 4-speaker configurations, the OVERKILL HD leaves no detail overlooked. We considered everything when designing this e-caller and built it to be a reliable performer.

** Current lead time – 5 – 7 days **



The Snows Down Low OVERKILL HD snow goose e-caller offers some of the best features available of any electronic snow goose call on the market today, all at a great value. Available in 2 or 4-speaker configurations, the OVERKILL HD leaves no detail overlooked. From the uncompromising commitment to clear and crisp audio quality even at ear-piercing volume, to industry-leading efficiency and run time, marine-grade heat shrink on all internal connections, durable high-current twist-lock audio connectors preventing accidental disconnection, 100% oxygen free copper (OFC) speaker cables, or even the balanced weight distribution to make carrying the e-caller more comfortable – we considered everything when designing this e-caller and built it to be a reliable performer.

Designed from the ground-up, the OVERKILL HD is built for extreme performance without compromising quality, sound clarity, or battery life. We created this e-caller with a perfect combination of volume, sound clarity, efficiency, and useful features such as the charging ports. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The OVERKILL HD is designed for serious snow goose hunters and has received many high regards about its quality and performance from professional guides and experienced hunters. Whether you’re running traffic, targeting migrators, fighting the wind, or setting up in a feeding field, the OVERKILL HD is the ideal electronic call for any snow goose hunting situation.

All OVERKILL HD e-callers are meticulously assembled one at a time in Lewiston, Nebraska. With over 25 years of electrical, mechanical, and high-performance audio experience, you can be certain your e-caller is built right and built to last. Callers are typically produced on a per-order basis, so please allow up to 5-7 business days from the time of your order to time of shipment. We try to keep some e-callers in stock, although inventory can fluctuate with the seasons.


Powerful yet efficient, produces incredible sound output at minimal power consumption levels. The amp and 100-watt speakers create a balanced system giving you the volume you need and the clarity you’ve been missing while operating at a high level of efficiency.

Two 12v 10Ah SLA batteries (optionally included) provide plenty of power to operate the e-caller all day and keep your devices charged up as well with our versatile USB and 12 volt charging options. The call box weighs just over 16 pounds with the recommended batteries, yet is very easy and comfortable to carry thanks to the balanced central weight distribution.

Dual USB and standard 12 volt power outlet provide versatile options to keep your MP3 player, phone, GoPro, or other devices up and running all day long. The dual USB charging ports offer a combined 3.1A [amps] of charging power and are positioned so the lid can be closed and latched while the charging ports are in use. The USB charging ports operates from a switch independently from the e-caller allowing you to have the main unit switched “off”, and still charge through the USB ports. The 12 volt power outlet may also be used to operate auxiliary items such as a spotlight or a small air compressor (maximum 10 amp). Dust plugs keep the charging ports clean when not in use. After the hunt, simply connect the included automatic battery charger to the e-caller and a standard household electrical outlet – The charger takes care of the rest.

High-efficiency 100-watt outdoor weatherproof speakers provide full, crisp, vivid sound and accurate frequency response from 200 Hz to 15 kHz, while maintaining a high level of efficiency. Speakers are painted matte white to reduce glare. Each speaker includes a 10-foot speaker cable and durable twist-lock connector. Additional lengths of speaker cable are available in 25′, 50′, 75′, or 100′ options.

100% 16AWG OFC (oxygen free copper) speaker cable for optimal volume and clarity, even at long cable lengths.

Durable heavy-duty high-current audio connections twist-lock into their sockets and are significantly less prone to disconnection compared to standard 1/4″ phone plugs or the commonly used household outlet plugs, and will not “pop” or “short out” during connection or disconnection if the unit is in operation.

Versatile 3.5mm (AUX) audio input jack works well with MP3 players, smartphones, and iPods, or you can even plug in a Bluetooth adapter to convert the unit to a wireless e-caller. Experienced hunters know that adjusting the e-caller volume when a flock is working can increase your chances of the flock finishing into the decoys. Sometimes you need more volume, and sometimes you need less volume, but you always need a reliable system. Using a hand-held audio device connected directly to the unit lets you adjust volume or change tracks with confidence.

All electrical connections are sealed with premium marine-grade dual-wall adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing to greatly reduce risk of corrosion and vibration.

External switch quickly and easily turns the unit on or off. No more trying to connect batteries in the dark before the hunt or messing around with wire clips. Just flip the switch and you’re up and running, or easily shut the call off to preserve the batteries (and your sanity) – all without opening the e-caller or messing with wires and connections.

Choose from 2-speaker or 4-speaker configurations, with or without batteries.

What’s in the box?

  • OVERKILL HD E-Caller Unit
  • 2 or 4 high-efficiency speakers with 10′ cables and quick-lock connectors
  • Battery charger
  • Batteries (optional)
  • Speaker extension cables (order separately)
  • 3.5mm 6′ audio input cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in
Speaker Options

2-Speaker, 4-Speaker

Battery Options

Batteries Not Included, Batteries Included (+$40)

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