SNOMAD XD Electronic Snow Goose Call


Built for the chase! The SNOMAD XD electronic snow goose call is designed to be durable, compact, lightweight, portable, and extremely affordable. An incredible value within its price range!

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The SNOMAD XD electronic snow goose call is the ultimate electronic snow goose call designed specifically for durability, simplicity, and reliability. It's compact, powerful, affordable, and ready to hunt as hard as you do.

The Snows Down Low SNOMAD XD electronic snow goose call is designed to be compact and lightweight for ultimate portability and easy transport into the field for walk-in situations, or set multiple units throughout your spread. The SNOMAD is ready to hunt with a fully-charged battery and two or four 60-watt powerhorn speakers. Simply add your MP3 player or phone with our free app, or grab one of our MP3 players and plug it into the provided high-quality 3.5mm stereo cord. Even with all of these features, the SNOMAD is still extremely affordable and an incredible value within its price range.

We build the SNOMAD with the same care and quality as our OVERKILL series calls, including marine-grade heat shrink on all internal connections, durable high-current twist-lock audio connectors, 100% oxygen free copper (OFC) speaker cables, and designed the unit with balanced weight distribution to make carrying the e-caller more comfortable. Weighing only 5 pounds, the SNOMAD is the ideal electronic call for walk-in hunts or spreading additional sound throughout your spread without breaking the bank.

Snomad XD Features

Compact Power

Powerful yet compact and efficient, the SNOMAD XD produces incredible sound output at minimal power consumption levels. The amp and 60-watt speakers work together to produce sharp sound output while maintaining a high level of efficiency. A single 12v 3.4Ah SLA battery is included and provides plenty of power to operate the e-caller all day. The call box weighs only 5 pounds ready to hunt and is very easy and comfortable to carry thanks to the balanced central weight distribution.

High-Efficiency Weatherproof Speakers

High-efficiency 60-watt outdoor IP65 rated weatherproof horn speakers provide full, crisp, vivid sound and accurate frequency response from 200 Hz to 15 kHz, while maintaining a greatly superior level of efficiency compared to traditional low-frequency cone speakers. Each speaker includes an 8-foot 18AWG 100% OFC (oxygen free copper) speaker cable and durable twist-lock connector.
Speaker cable extensions are available in 25' or 50' options

Snows Down Low SNOMAD Snow Goose E-Caller

Professional-Grade Speaker Connections

Durable heavy-duty high-current professional-grade speaker cable connectors securely twist-lock into the call, and are significantly less prone to damage, wear, and accidental disconnection compared to standard 1/4" phone plugs or the commonly used household outlet plugs. The twist-lock connectors also will not “pop” or “short out” during connection or disconnection if the unit is in operation.

Snows Down Low SNOMAD Snow Goose E-Caller

Versatile & Reliable Audio Input

Versatile 3.5mm (AUX) audio input jack works well with MP3 players, smartphones, and iPods, or you can even plug in a Bluetooth adapter to convert the unit to a wireless e-caller. Experienced hunters know that adjusting the e-caller volume when a flock is working can increase your chances of the flock finishing into the decoys. Sometimes you need more volume, and sometimes you need less volume, but you always need a reliable system. Using a hand-held audio device connected directly to the unit lets you adjust volume or change tracks with confidence. We even include a high-quality audio input cable with every call.

If you prefer a wireless option, take a look at the type of Bluetooth adapter that will plug into the call and allow you to charge the Bluetooth receiver while playing.

View Bluetooth Adapter

Snows Down Low SNOMAD Snow Goose E-Caller

Internal Power Switch

Internal switch quickly and easily turns the unit on or off. No more trying to connect batteries in the dark before the hunt or messing around with wire clips. Just flip the switch and you’re up and running, or easily shut the call off to preserve the batteries (and your sanity).

The little things that matter most

We hunt. We get it.

When we set out to design the Snomad we intentionally tried to solve many of the common issues snow goose hunters face when using electronic calls while building the most portable, powerful, and affordable compact e-caller available. We made sure to address the little things that become big issues over time. That’s why we make the extra effort and take the extra time to do things right. Here are some of the small things we do that make a big difference:

Sealed Electrical Connections

All electrical connections are sealed with premium marine-grade dual-wall adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing to maintain connection strength and greatly reduce the risk of corrosion.

Lightweight Durability

The call box weighs just over 5 pounds ready to hunt, and is very easy and comfortable to carry thanks to the balanced central weight distribution.

Industry-Leading Support

We're here for you, dang near 24/7. Give us a call at (402) 223-9880, send us an email, or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram. We're glad to help and look forward to hearing from you!

– What's in the box? –

– anything worth doing, is worth doing right –

My dad has always been a hard-worker with passion and ability to repair anything with wheels, gears, welds, or bolts – often better than it was before. He always placed great importance on doing the job right – to stand behind your work and sign your name on the line – and has instilled that quality into me from a young age as I worked alongside him in the shop.

Those lessons from dad carry over into everything we do at Snows Down Low, and they are definitely a driving force behind the innovation and quality we build into our productsAll of our electronic snow goose calls are meticulously assembled one-at-a-time in Lewiston, Nebraska. With nearly 30 years of electrical, mechanical, and high-performance audio experience (plus dad’s life lessons), you can be certain your e-caller is built right, and built to last.

We’re honored for the opportunity to provide you with high-quality snow goose hunting products, and to be part of your success and great memories in the field.

Jamison Thies, Owner
Snows Down Low

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 9 in


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