“Barking Orders” MP3 Download Bundle


“Barking Orders” MP3 bundle containing five high-quality snow goose e-caller sound tracks created from recordings of 100% WILD SNOW GEESE in their natural spring migratory habitat.

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Enhance your snow goose hunting with the crisp and clear snow goose sound tracks from Snows Down Low!

Snows Down Low’s electronic snow goose sounds accurately capture the unique calls and cadences of WILD SNOW GEESE in their natural migratory habitat, acting naturally, completely unaware of any human presence. You’ll hear barks, raspy half-barks, squeaks, honks, murmurs, growls, moans, and other sounds that are 100% “pure goose” – all crisp and clear for optimal sound quality from your electronic call.

These MP3 downloads are high-quality snow goose e-caller sound tracks created from my personal recordings of 100% WILD SNOW GEESE. All Snows Down Low sounds are 2-channel stereo featuring left and right channel individual calling geese with a centered up main sound bringing it all together. Each track has a unique sound and cadence, so you’ll always have just the right sound for any hunting situation.

**NOTICE to iOS Users** Due to the way iOS devices are configured from Apple, we are unable to officially offer support for MP3 downloads directly to your device. There are possibly some third-party MP3 download apps you can try, but the best way to access the downloads at this time is to use a computer. You can then transfer the MP3 files to your iPhone or iPod. We are working on an iOS app to get around this issue and offer sounds directly on the iOS devices. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sound Samples

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Track Listing

o1 – “Dueling Devils”

Duration: 10:12
Clean Looping/Repeat: Yes
Description: Sharp barks alternate between left and right channels creating a constant shift of sound focus to help confuse incoming birds. Relaxed background murmurs, grunts and half-barks create a natural flock sound punctuated by the barks of the “dueling devils”.

o2 – “Ross Boss”

Duration: 9:58
Clean Looping/Repeat: Yes
Description: Ross goose peeps overlay relaxed background murmurs, grunts and half-barks to create a natural mixed flock sound commonly observed throughout the Central Flyway.

o3 – “O.B.D. (Obsessive Barking Disorder)”

Duration: 10:08
Clean Looping/Repeat: Yes
Description: A lone snow goose barking incessantly at incoming geese which you can hear barking and half-barking in the background as they approach our lone goose. Think of this track as the “snow goose comeback call”. Great for Rossies and stubborn singles, too.

o4 – “X-Factor”

Duration: 10:05
Clean Looping/Repeat: Yes
Description: Create your own “X” with this track of natural flock sounds including murmurs, groans, gravely half-barks, moans and squeaks. This track is great for smaller spreads, hunting feeds, hunting over water, or creating a relaxed loafing area.

o5 – “Snowasis”

Duration: 10:04
Clean Looping/Repeat: Yes
Description: A quieter track than most, “Snowasis” features relaxed murmurs, groans, chirps, and a few quiet barks. Use to mimic a very relaxed feeding or loafing flock. You Atlantic Flyway guys we think you’ll find this track to be effective on the greaters as well.

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