Snow Goose E-Caller MP3 Download – DoubleDown: Ross Boss X2


For those who can’t get enough of our original Ross Boss track, here it is, doubled up, ready to get the party started. #RossiesGivingItUp


About The Track

Ross Boss (from Barking Orders). Ross goose peeps overlay relaxed background murmurs, grunts and half-barks to create a natural mixed flock sound commonly observed throughout the Central Flyway.

Left Channel: “Ross Boss”
Right Channel: “Ross Boss” (50% offset)
Duration: 9:58

Sound Sample

Snows Down Low’s “DoubleDown” is an entirely new concept in e-caller tracks. By completely isolating the left and right channels from each other we’re able to play two different sounds within the same track without mixing their sounds together. Depending how you position your e-caller speakers you can either separate the sounds to create areas of flock sounds and primary sounds within your spread, or create a blended cross-firing mix of sounds to improve the variety of left/right sounds and add realism to your sound system.

DoubleDown tracks work with any e-caller, and let you play two different tracks at once without upgrading your e-caller or changing any hardware. This is a truly a game-changer and provides a lot of additional options to your sound arsenal.

High-quality snow goose e-caller sounds created from my own recordings of 100% WILD SNOW GEESE in their natural spring migratory habitat. The sounds were recorded from geese acting naturally, completely unaware of any human presence.

All of the Snows Down Low snow goose e-caller sounds are 2-channel stereo featuring left and right channel individual calling geese with a centered up main sound bringing it all together. Snows Down Low snow goose e-caller sounds are natural recordings that accurately capture the calls and cadences of WILD SNOW GEESE in their natural migratory habitat behaving and sounding like snow geese do.

**NOTICE to iOS Users** Due to the way iOS devices are configured from Apple for security purposes we are unable to officially offer support for MP3 downloads directly to your device. However we’re glad to offer a free iOS app called Hunt Snows which allows you to access the e-caller sounds directly on your iOS device, and play them in an easy-to-use interface designed for snow goose hunters. Additional advanced features are available in the app as well! We hope you’ll check out Hunt Snows, and thank you for your understanding.


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